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Qash is an electronic payments platform that allows costumers and stores to get fintech services and products without the need of providing credit card credentials or contracting additional hardware.

Industrie: Software, Finanzen, Kommunikationstechnologie, Medien, Internet, e-Commerce

Gründung: 2016

Current Stage: Startup

Current Situation: Traction

Kapitalbedarf: 450.000,00 EUR




Unternehmensgegenstand (Geschäftskonzept, -idee)

We are a coupon like electronic payments platform. This means that the transactions are based on the available prepaid balance the customer has in his/her Qash account. The recharges can be made either by electronic transfers from the costumer bank account to the Company s bank account, or by cash among our customers or stores. With this approach we intentionally look to avoid the need of sensitive information from the customer: card numbers, CVVs, passwords, etc.

From the customers side, we are an electronic wallet that allow them to get access to mobile and digital banking: payments, transfers to others customers, geolocalization of associated stores, register of all transactions and storing of tickets bought by Qash.

From the stores side we are a coupon like app. The recharges that enter in the system only can get out to the platform s associated stores. The app version for the stores is QashStores and it has a balance counter that increase with every sale or charge the store make. After certain period of time the counter is reset and the registered balance is transfered from the Company s bank account to the store s bank account and an email with an excel like table with the list of related transactions is sent to the store email account.

Markt, Marktposition & Wettbewerb

Our first target are the small to medium business: bars, discos, restaurants, bakeries, taxis, etc. that cannot get acces to either electronic payments or to a loyalty cards implementations. From the customer side our target are teenagers to young adults, from 14 to 40 years old, who are used to go out to bars and discos with certain periodicity. The target is to grow among this costumers and business to gain traction. The objetive is to include big brand names, like Sara, MNG, Adidas, Douglas, Rewe, etc. within the platform and then make Qash an exclusive service for that stores top customer s with a Deluxe Qash app version.
For the stores we want to provide the services of loyalty/discount cards. This include marketing campaings mostly based on mobile push notifications. Emailing is also a considered resource.
There is no direct competitor. From the coupon view we compete with apps like Ibotta, Checkout51 and SavingStar that work especifically with discounts and money back. From the electronic wallet view, the competitors are Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, among others. Their fees are around 10% (Paypal) to just the credit cards fees (Apple Pay).
Beta phase tested.

Unternehmenshistorie (Unternehmenssituation & -entwicklung)

The Company was stablished in Ecuador one year ago in order to start up the development of the platform. The system is fully operating from April this year and so far we have 178 users with one associated store. The personnel in Ecuador are getting approaches with other business to include them in the platform. The expansion plan considered the CEO to come here to Germany to enroll in a Cognitive-Artificial Intelligence Master program in order to apply that knowledge to the Company s Data Analysis services and also to find finantial support here in the largest European Union Economy. The CEO published successfully new versions of the apps with some performance fixes and with translation to German and English.

Management & Mitarbeiter / Gesellschafter- bzw. Aktionärsstruktur

The Company in Ecuador only has two share holders: The CEO with 94% of the Company and Paul Casaliglla, General Manager and brother of the CEO with 6%. All the services, like web development, accountantcy, lawyer consultancy were contracted.


Zusätzliche Informationen / Gründe für ein Investment

We offer 10% of the Company shares for 450.000,00 EUR investement for 1 year of work. We are open to negotiations on this basis. Mentoring, guiding and contacts are also of very high importance to us.

Roghmal Alami

Telefon: +49 (0) 1737550066
E-Mail: roghmal.alami@neostarter.de

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