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Card-Wings, we fly business cards to the digital world!
Mit Card-Wings erreichen Visitenkarten das Unternehmen – zentral. Kein Versickern bei den Mitarbeitern. Wandelt Visitenkarten in leads.

Industrie: Software, Kommunikationstechnologie, Medien, Internet, e-Commerce

Gründung: 2017

Current Stage: Startup

Current Situation: Traction

Kapitalbedarf: 3.475.000,00 EUR




Unternehmensgegenstand (Geschäftskonzept, -idee)

There are a dozen smartphone apps who automatically convert pictured business cards into the address book by performing recognition (OCR). But, smartphone apps do not deliver the quality the market is looking for. More important, what use of it has the company, the one who paid the meeting, fair, seminar to get that business card? On the other side, there are companies who offer digitization services where scanning business cards and data extraction is very expensive.

In Germany each year more than 2 billion received business cards are thrown away. Paper waste is the last issue. To generate a lead (potential customer, partner, supplier, adviser, employee…) costs 30 EUR. Contact details of those leads are 90% of the business cards employees collect, which never reach the company. That means 60 billion EUR are thrown away each year, in DE only, and companies are not even aware of this fact!

Card-Wings vision is to create a culture of digitizing business cards and keep companies’ asset in the company. We protect clients’ asset in form of leads (contact details) by offering the business cards digitization service for less money than any company can do it by themselves.

Not only an app, not only a system, but a full man-powered service where we do the “dirty part“.

Markt, Marktposition & Wettbewerb

3,67 million SME in DE (potential clients) = 29,1 million employees (potential users)
Our goal in three years = 100.000 clients (300.000 users) = 1,5 million EUR EBITDA per month!
1. Full automated online purchase/registration/payment
2. Fairs, fairs, fairs!
3. Reward program
4. Newsletters & online ads
Each year in Germany there are 456 fairs (291 regional and 165 international). We want to be present on each one to scan business cards for free for all fair visitors. After free scanning to promote/sell Card-Wings.

Competitors (Apps = low quality. Services = expensive):
App – Abby Pro
App – CamCard
App – ScanBizCards
Service – SchreibKraft.biz
Service – Benefit Büroservice
Service – LuxPC

Unternehmenshistorie (Unternehmenssituation & -entwicklung)

We are specialists in Business Process Outsourcing, digitization, data processing and archiving.

To come up with Card-Wings, we asked 130 employers and employees “what are top three issues you face with your contact’s business cards?”

92% answered the same:

1. I spend a lot of time searching the piles.
2. Often I cannot find the one I’m looking for. I keep them on different locations.
3. When employees leave the company, they take the cards and all contacts information is gone.

And when we asked them “why don’t you digitize them?” top three answers were:
1. I don’t have time to enter them.
2. That’s not in my job’s description. I’m not a typist.
3. We have the data digital somewhere, but not accessible remotely. And I don’t want to mix it with my own address book.

So we came up with:
– the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) as front-end (Android app and desktop application)
– the supplier for data-entry services (near.- and offshore)
– the supplier for back-end software as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and on-site deployment

and now we want to launch a brand specialized and focused only in business cards digitization, backed up with cutting edge technology.

Management & Mitarbeiter / Gesellschafter- bzw. Aktionärsstruktur

Director: Nedžib Bukalo, age 34, an IT system/business analyst. 17 years IT experience, 10 years management experience. Founded three and managed two companies since 2007. First one for almost five years, second one for more than five years. The third one is managed by his colleague Ms. Bos. Besides his IT knowledge, his experience in establishing and running companies is why the team decided he will be the head of Card-Wings GmbH.

QA manager: Hanneke Bos (born name Johanna Bos), age 47, a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) specialist. 27 years data-entry and digitization experience. Co-founded her own company with Mr. Bukalo 2011 and successfully manage it still today. Numerous projects and millions of diverse QC’d documents and records are her DNA. She knows how to ensure QA and turn-around time.

PR manager: Roghmal Alami, age 29, a visionary entrepreneur. Seven years experience in Media for digital Economy, managing his own company. A public relationship and networking guru who will promote Card-Wings mission and vision.

Chancen & Risiken / Stärken & Schwächen

– Cloud solutions
– Outsourcing (BPO)
– Mobile Digital Products
– Software integration
– Data management

– Artificial intelligence
– Data protection
– New startups copying our model
– Business Social Media
– Digital business cards
– Virtual trade fairs

– Company culture
– Employee experience (not management!)
– Image
– Decentralization
– Financial strength
– Access to capital

– Team
– Experience
– Innovation
– Key rolls
– Quality
– Service
– Easy to use
– Availability
– Point of Sales
– Know-how
– Organizational efficiency
– Price model
– Multiple payment options
– Location
– Profit margin

Zusätzliche Informationen / Gründe für ein Investment

Now we need some investment to start a GmbH in Germany (preferably Dusseldorf), clean up the bugs and tweak the software, develop the automated purchase->user registration->billing system and present Card-Wings on local fairs. Presence on fairs should not only be promotion, but also the Point of Sales (POS) where we would sell the service to the fair visitors.

In first three years we do not expect to cover our costs with the revenue. The plan is to grow slowly, to confirm all wheels are running smoothly. Q4Y3 an exponential growth is expected on German market. Our goal is 300.000 users (1% of German employees in SMEs) at the end of year three. Spread among our five subscription products (packages) that is a revenue of 3.475.000 EUR, each month (expected profit before tax cca 1,5 M). Profit made in Y3 should be used to expand over the Europe in Y4 or a market exit to a Blue Chip (i.e. scanner manufacturer). Capital required for this venture is 3.160.690 EUR. Since we already invested 300.000 EUR, funding needed to start a GmbH and three years operation is 2.860.690 EUR including 25% buffer on sales.

For initial 6 months START-UP 524.000 EUR is needed.

Roghmal Alami

Telefon: +49 (0) 1737550066
Email: roghmal.alami@neostarter.de

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